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Juicy burgers, fries, dagwood dogs & classic milkshakes with american diner styling

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Dinky D's Food Truck
Shake, Donuts, Coffee

About Dinky D's

Dinky D's provides mouth-watering, hot, fresh Donuts, Shakes and Merlo Coffee!


Dinky D's Donuts are cinnamon donuts cooked on site and we ensure our product is always fresh, hot and just down right yummy!

After many hours of testing and tasting we use only the best possible products to create cinnamon donuts that taste the way they should.

We also do our classic drizzle options of Nutella, Caramel, Strawberry, Oreo and Maple Syrup topped with cream or ice cream.

We also do Dinky D's Merlo Coffee, we can include or exclude coffee as part of our offer dependent on customers needs.

Dinky D's also provide tasty milkshakes with over 15 flavours, what a combination, donuts, shakes and coffee!

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Dinky Ds Cartoon Character
Good Time Diner blue strip_tail end top strip.png
Good Time Diner Waitress

About the Good Time Diner

Our good time diner is themed on your classic american style diner!


We create juicy burgers to suit all taste buds, fries, dagwood dogs and classic milkshakes.

The diner looks fantastic day or night!

Don't miss out! Contact us now to book us in for your next event!

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Good Time Diner Food Truck
Good Time Diner Classic Cadillac
About Dinky D's
About Nachos Truck
Clowing Around Truck At Night
Clowning Around Laughing Clowns Fun Fair Game

About Clowning Around

Clowning Around offers all the fun of the fair with a prize every time!


The Clowning Around Crew are bright, friendly and we create memories.


We will attend your event and ensure that we provide a fun service to create smiles for miles!


We pride ourselves on being professional and place a lot of time and energy into ensuring our set up looks the part.

We offer 2 Sideshow Games including Laughing Clowns and Lucky Ducks.

"Every Player Wins A Prize" is a common slogan and tradition carried by many operators before we were even born, we make every effort to provide quality prizes.

We carry the required Public Liability, Blue Cards and our staff are fully trained and we make sure that we are a safe and friendly operation.

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Go Ballistic Fun Fair Game
Clowning Around Truck
About Clowning Around
Dinky D's Express with Happy Family
Dinky D's Express Land Train

About Dinky D's Express

Our 36 seat land train is an extremely popular way to get from point A to point B and back again!


With it's classic old school styling and 3 comfortable carriages why not think outside the square and let Dinky D's Express move people in style with a great big smile!!


• Weddings • Corporate Events • Shows, Fairs, Festivals

• School Fetes and Presentation Events

• Factory Tours • Product Launches • Shopping Centres • School Formals


Dinky D's Express is available for hire and has music and commentary options available.

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Dinky D's Express Land Train
Dinky D's Express with Happy Family
Dinky D's Express

About Chair O'Plane



With it's classic old school styling and 8 comfortable chairs we are ready for take off with the Dinky D's Chair O'Plane!!

Dinky D's Chair O'Plane is available for hire.

Chair O Plane.png
Chair O Plane

Meet the Crew

Meet the Crew
Dinky D's Team - Darren


Crazy clown, master donuteer
and owner of Clowning Around
and Dinky D's.

Dinky D's Team


Accounts whiz and partner in crime to our master donuteer.

Dinky D's Team - Coby


Darren's son and master
donuteer in the making. Rocks some pretty cool hats!

Horsey Go Round Carousel Fun Fair Ride

About Horsey Go Round

6 gorgeous horses on a gentle classic carousel! GIDDY UP!


Available for hire.
Corporate, Fetes and Fairs, Private Parties or any special events.

Horsey Go Round

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“We were set up opposite Dinky D's at Farm Fantastic Expo 2020 so they were our "go to" for coffees and donuts, I cannot rate them high enough, everything was made to perfection and the service was outstanding with such lovely friendly staff. Thank you from the the guy in fluro yellow at the trailer sales stand.” 

Grant R.

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